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Eliminator Pool Cue Fiberglass Over Wood

Looking for a swimming pool cue stick that will replace your old one? This Eliminator pool cue stick is a first-rate option, with a Fiberglass finish and a hardwood joiner, it's built to last. Plus, the Eliminator pool cue stick can be used in with any pool type water.

Eliminator Pool Cue

The Eliminator pool cue stick is a new design that is fabricated to provide better stability and ball control in long tournaments, the cue stick is in fibers that allow for a more durable construction and Over the top of the wood. This stick is available in 48 inch length and is produced to be as stable as possible for playing long tournaments, the Eliminator pool cues are made with a soft, comfortable, and durable Fiberglass Over Wood material. They are also comfortable to hold and use, this Wood furniture piece is a beneficial replacement cue stick for people with older cues that are not up to date with the latest standards. The elimination cue stick is produced with an unique woven Fiberglass Over Wood design that is will age and look sensational Over time, the Eliminator pool cue stick is a sterling surrogate to keep your pool clean and searching great. This stick is fabricated of Fiberglass and Over wood, it provides cue stick charger in it, which will give your pool a power boost. Additionally, it imparts an automatic shut-off that will keep your pool clean and digging great.