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Exotic Pool Cue Wraps

Introducing the Exotic pool cues wrap-around cue Wraps with white linen wrap and black and white wrap billiard cues, the Wraps add a touch of luxury to your pool cue approach and provide some extra distance while playing. The and white wrap billiard cues are top-of-the-heap for a modern look for your pool table and the black gives the table an unique look.

Exotic Pool Cue Wraps Amazon

Introducing the Exotic pool cue wraps! These luxurious wrap-around cue tips are designed to let you take your game to new heights, the black and white recon fabric Wraps provide impedance, control and stability while the new new players Exotic pool cue Wraps billiards game. Is your secret weapon in the pool game, we offer a powerful and easy-to-use pool cue that is fantastic for shoppers starting out. The is a new player of the type with a white recon fabric wrap, it is a wrap that will keep you cool and comfortable while you play. The mcdermott star series pool cue Wraps are new design by mcdermott that is said to be "exotic, " they are made of wood fabricant and have 38" of length on the body and 10" of length on the connector they are also returne-compatible with the mcdermott star series pool cue tips. With a luxurious feel to them, the Wraps are sure to make you look and feel more confident while playing, plus, with 38 mm pins and 10-inch joint diameters, you'll be able to handle everything without feeling overstretched.