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Jim Rempe Pool Cue

Welcome to Jim pool cue shop! We carry the latest in supplies for your next pool cue order! The Jim pool cue shop presents everything you need to get your game on! We offer two different types of training cue points which help you on your substitute to becom a better player, our new instruction cue ball is sure to help you get noticed by the team! Get started today and see the difference for yourself.

Beginner Pool Cue

This beginner pool cue is an 2-in-1 design - the ball is a self-jointed, 2", and the cue body is a disease-free, 6" lonsdale, the ball is sided- training cue, and comes with an instruction book. This Jim pool cue stick is a rare vintage 70's piece, it's an 57 19 oz maple that is still in unequaled condition. It is still tightly sealed with only a few light surface scratches, the price is $57. 00 which makes it one of the best value's on the market, the Jim pool cue ball is an unique cue ball designed by Jim himself. The ball is produced of durable plastic and gives a red & green color theme, it is likewise the first pool cue ball to have a 'q' design on the ball. This in-demand Jim pool cue stick is back in stock and ready to play! The jr-3 is a keyed pool cue stick that was made in the 70 s and is to be found on the secondhand market, this stick is all that is left of a practical Jim career. He was player and first hoodooed his presence with his high-quality cues, he was a driving force in the pool scene and helped to fasten the seeds of his own success. He was a master of set and setting and was able to properly intonate his cues with each other and without having to take off the stick, the jr-3 is an excellent stick for any player scouring to start or finish games.