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Joss Pool Cues

The Joss pool cue stick limited series 516 x 14 joint is an exceptional addition to your pool cues, it is a durable joint that will last and is manufactured of hardwood. It is further comfortable to wear.

Joss Pool Cue

A Joss pool cue is a terrific addition to all pool game, they keep the players moving and provide added convenience for taking and playing balls. Here is a custom made pool cue from anthony from joss, the cue renders two original shafts and is fabricated with a soft point guide on the back. The cue also provides a green and red Joss logo on the back of the cue, the cue is manufactured with high quality materials and will make an outstanding addition to your pool players career. This older Joss pool cues is a terrific addition to cue set, it is manufactured of durable materials and features an unique design that will remind you of the classic Joss pool invests. This cue set will provide you with a lot of fun and competition across the playing field, Joss pool cue shafts are unrivaled for suitors starting out in the pool. With its simple design and auxiliary cord, the Joss pool cue is ideal for enthusiasts just starting out.