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Katana Pool Cue Shaft

The Katana pool cue Shaft is a high-quality and reliable Shaft that comes with an 30-inch width and an 12, 5 mm 516 x 18 black collared shaft. It complete the look of the Katana pool cue Shaft with a black collared case.

Best Katana Pool Cue Shaft

The Katana pool cue Shaft is a sensational way to add a new rustic look to your pool, the 12. 5 spliced ld Shaft is desire at first sight for an individual who loves the Katana pool cue design, this cue Shaft extends a beautiful uniloc joint that is located in the neck of the cue. The Katana pool cue weight is 10-piece and is produced of hard plastic, the Katana pool cue blade is an enticing 8-piece made of hard plastic with a textured finish. Our team of experts at Katana have also included an 12, 5 mm 10-piece radial spliced ld shaft, a practical piece that will add a touch of (-) to your pool cue shaft. The pool cue w2 shafts Katana 1 hybrid low deflection Katana pool cue is an outstanding pool cue Shaft for people who yearn for the above features but without the high degree of protection, this cue Shaft is fabricated from a hybrid of low-degree and high-degree steel which makes it more challenging to wear and also ensures that your pool cue lis wasn't withstands plenty of wear and tear. The Katana pool cue Shaft is an 12, 50 mm Shaft that is fabricated from white gold plate and it gives an uniloc joint. It is in like manner grants a free joint caps package, this Shaft is designed to be used in any type the 30. 50 mm width is good for many pool cue shafts, the Katana pool cue Shaft is from the 8 ball collar variety and is fabricated of radial black collar. The free tag on the end of the Katana pool cue Shaft makes it basic to find.