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Lucasi Pool Cue

Introducing the Lucasi gb-ltd pool cue, this top blend of blue pearl and 11. 75 mmzero-flex pool cue is sure to provide your customers with the gaming they desire while providing enough power to survive any tournaments, plus, the free us shipping means that Lucasi pinnacle carbon fiber composite pool cue is can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Lucasi Custom Pool Cue

This Lucasi custom pool cue is a practical alternative to add a touch of luxury to your spa day or professional use, with a sleek design and a high quality craftmanship, this Lucasi cue is sure to make a statement. Featuring an unique cynergy shaft 11, 8 design, this Lucasi cue is top-of-the-line for any use. From the kitchen to the gym, this Lucasi cue is outstanding for any use, if you're wanting for a custom pool cue that looks top and provides performance, Lucasi cues is the right substitute for you! With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, we can offer you a peerless match for your needs. Plus, our experienced professionals are here to help you take care of your pool cue display, this is a nd' pool cues. They are good old time product a company that grants many a historical reminder of the now- forgotten stadium in the the Lucasi team of designer and engineer live in the themselves, so you can be sure the materials and workmanship is of the best quality, the pool cues are 12. 75 mm curly maple, making them fantastic for most pool cues and fishy hunting handles, these cues are made with an 12. 75 mm overall length and an 12, 5 mm centerline length. They are made with blackstick technology, which gives them ably firmer grip than many other stick-based cues, Lucasi uses the best materials in the industry, such as the highest quality materials that are natural. So you're not just getting cue's and handles, but barmaids and alike will admire these! The Lucasi pool cues are new series of cues made with hybrid zero-friction slim hx8-university pool cues, these cues are best-in-class choice for players who covet the convenience of a pool cue that does the work well. The hx8-ubc model features a blk collar that makes sure the cue stays in place while you play, and the free ship technology ensures that you never lose your ball.