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Pool Cue Ferrule

These keywords are used to the specific keywords for the Ferrule pads, the keywords are 10 clear Ferrule pads, 14 mm pool cue tip pads, and acrylic pool cue tip pads. The keywords can also be found in the title of the product, on the bottom of the page, or in a list on the top of the page.

Cheap Pool Cue Ferrule

This is an exceptional Ferrule for use in your pool cue games, it is fabricated of hard plastic and gives a black anodize logo. It is about 58 mm long and is solid black in color, it is well-made and well- designed. This Ferrule can help you get the most out of your pool cues, the ivory colored Ferrule rod is manufactured of junction 6 stage hardwood and offers a white nitrocellulose content. It gives a well-defined one-piece design with a small hole in the center, it is best suited for use in professional pool leagues and is recommended for admirers who crave to adopt a solid Ferrule rod for safety. This is an 5-part description for the term: pool cue Ferrule 1, 00 ivory colored tube ferrules 2. 12 white colored ferrules 3, 44 black ferrules 4. 56 cement gray ferrules 5, 64 green ferrules our pool cue Ferrule is 1 super xtc 1. 00 capped and threaded, it's made of 516-18 material. It's proof and heavy, it's a top-rated substitute for high-quality pool cue use or for making.