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Pro Series Pool Cue Case

This new Pro Series 1 x2 1 b2 s 1 butt 2 shaft hard billiards pool cue stick Case pj is an unrivaled solution for any avid pool player, with its new 1 b2 s feature, this Case offers 2 balls on one stick, making it top grade for higher-level play. The hard cover will protect the stick from wear and tear, while its black anodized finish ensures your stick is.

Formula Pro Series Pool Cue

The Pro Series leather pool cue Case is a top-of-the-heap surrogate to keep your cues clean and organized, it features a premium soft brown color and is manufactured of durable leather. It is top-quality for use in the pool and features a built-in cleaner, this Case also comes with a Pro Series pool cue Case is a sensational substitute to protect your pool cue when it comes with essential components are included in the price. This Case consists of 5 types of carbon fiber, giving it a luxurious look, the pool cue can also be kept in this Case without having to first take it out of the case. The Pro Series pool cue Case is a top-of-the-line surrogate to protect your pool equipment and free ship it to your home or office, the Case offers a black leatherette fabric cover and is covered with 6 openly facing pool cues. The Case also grants a built-in count down timer and a built-in pool cleaner, this Case imparts it all-made-to-order and includes a free shipping container. This Case includes an 2 x2 ovals design and is black brand new, it as well includes a free shipping packaging.