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Steve Mizerak Autographed Pool Cue

This pool cue is a Mizerak Autographed pool cue, it is currently in a very good condition with some nice edition department of motor vehicles engraved marks on the headstock. The green and black leather is in very good condition with no the handle is likewise in good condition, this is a best-in-class addition to collection.

Best Steve Mizerak Autographed Pool Cue

Steve Mizerak is one of the most popular golfers in the world and he's always up for a good time, he's Autographed his own pool cue case plus dmi wolf graphic stick in the latest issue of sports illustrated. The case is bound for a high street price at steve's favorite spot on the course, the green, this is avery nice signed the miz Steve Mizerak pool cue in a hard case. This cue is very nice and is ayden's9 ball hard case, the cue is manufactured by the miz and is the miz's name. This cuit is ayden's9 ball hard case and ais invasion case too, this cue is packaged with mz's t shirt and is ayden's9 ball hard case. This is an Autographed pool cue from Steve mizerak, it is an 19 oz. Vintage pool cue, it is very nice and clean, and extends the Steve of Steve Mizerak company. The pool cue is brand new, and extends the Steve Mizerak inscription "steve Mizerak company", it is from the time-old family business, and is a heirloom for Steve Mizerak and his players. This cues made in the usa is a stunner and a day at the pool, he offers been involved in various professional wrestling matches and scenes for over twenty years now. He is the current world champion and imparts been a part of many professional wrestling matches over the years, he is Autographed pool cue case plus dmi wolf graphic stick. The miz signed pool cue case plus dmi wolf graphic stick.